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About Us

Our goal is simple:

We want to make your property as beautiful as it can be by maximizing your properties potential without having to use any pesticides.  Initially we may have to use some while either establishing or re-establishing your lawn & landscape plantings.  However, once we have maximized your potential, very little to no pesticides will be needed to maintain those goals at the highest level.

Here’s how it works:

Most properties are overwhelmed with water soluble nitrogen and blanketed with broad spectrum insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, whether they are needed or not.  Our job as an organic based plant care company, is to wean your property off of these harmful and dangerous pesticides by either proper plant selection or by building up the immune system of your lawn and landscape so that they can combat these problems on their own.  In all actuality, this process is no different then what we do for ourselves.  Rather then pop a pill or take an antibiotic every time we’re not feeling up to par, we eat right, keep our bodies hydrated, and take supplements that help increase our body’s immune system.  This inevitably keeps us healthy without being exposed to synthetic, man-made medicines, or broad-spectrum antibiotics. 

Basically, it’s the difference between preventative maintenance, versus crisis management, which is the way unfortunately people in general live their lives.

Here’s an example:

Chemotherapy and radiation have saved millions of people’s lives but unfortunately because they not only wipe out the white blood cells that are causing the cancer, they wipe out all beneficial white blood cells, thus leaving our bodies vulnerable to other health care concerns, including a return of the cancer in one form or another because our bodies no longer can fight these problems on their own.  Not to mention the collateral damage that occurs from chemo and radiation.  The same is true about blanketing pesticides, and water-soluble fertilizers.  Your property seemingly initially looks like its moving in a forward direction and then without warning takes three steps backwards.

Science has now come up with a much more effective way of not only curing cancer, but keeping it from reoccurring.  It’s called Module Immuno Therapy, which basically builds up your bodies immune system to eliminate the cancer.  And because you’re not wiping out your immune system (which is what chemotherapy and radiation does) the likelihood of it returning is next to none. 

Lawns and ornamental trees and shrubs are no different.  Focus on choosing the proper cultivars and plants that are insect and disease resistant, work preventatively with proper feedings and micronutrients, and you can enjoy a beautiful property without exposing your family or the environment to harmful and dangerous pesticides. 

We must meet on your property to give proper program suggestions and quotes.

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