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Lawn Conversions

Sometimes your existing turf consists of many types of undesirable grasses and in order to have a lawn that is not only fluent in color, but also greens up sooner than other lawns in the early Spring, and stays greener longer in the late Fall, then a lawn conversion might be necessary.  This is done with overseeding with desirable cultivars that are also disease and insect resistant. 


Ornamental Tree & Shrub Application Services

We provide a complete program of both proper fertilization services, as well as insect and disease control treatments.  Our goal is to eventually build up the immune system of the plant so it can combat disease and insect infestations without having to use pesticides. We also manage the Ph in the soil along with establishing proper micronutrient levels. 


Pasture Mix & Wild Flower Installations

If you have what is called secondary areas on your property and you're looking to have a beautiful alternative to what you have now that is easy to maintain, then pasture mix and wild flowers is the way to go. We can meet with you at your property and let you know what is possible along with the cost for both the installation and follow up services. 


Geese & Deer Control

Both of our geese and deer control services are 100% guaranteed and do not harm the geese, nor the deer, at all.  The treatments simply deter them from eating your plants or lawn and eventually conditions them to never come back to your property again. 


Mosquito & Tick Control

We have both a 100% organic application program as well as a broad spectrum pesticide one. The organic process is more expensive and has to be done more often than the insecticide alternative.  Both however are equally as effective. 


Nonselective Vegetation Weed Control

Nonselective vegetation weed & undesirable grass control is for both landscape beds, (including perimeter beds), and for stone driveways & walkways. This is done both preventatively in the Spring and then proactively throughout the growing season to keep your landscape beds, driveway, and walkways weed free.

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Lawn Application Services

Our custom blended fertilizers along with our monthly treatment program maximizes your lawns potential by controlling all of your weeds & crabgrass, as well as prevents insects and diseases from wiping out your grass. We provide both organic and non-organic season long programs.


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All services are coordinated directly with landscape maintenance providers, as well as your watering system company to maximize your properties results.


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All services are 100% all inclusive, which means that if we have to come out between the scheduled visits to apply more treatments, it comes out of our pockets, and not yours.  We must meet on your property to give the proper program suggestions and quotes.

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